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Microdosing involves taking a very small dose of some popular hallucinogenic substances. Proponents of microdosing believe that the practice benefits the mind, and research has recently started to explore this possibility.

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Find below frequently asked questions from other customers and our latest customer reviews! submit your review here.

When is the best time to eat these mushrooms?

All day, every day! Every mushroom has a function and optimal time to consume. However, every body is different so what works for most people, may not work for you. The only way to truly know is to try.

  • Chaga is good any time of day
  • Cordyceps can help support energy, so usually it’s best before a workout or in the morning
  • Lion’s Mane helps your brain to power on, so try it in the morning or early afternoon
  • Reishi helps reset your sleep cycles so it’s best 1 hour before bed
Do you offer samples?

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee, so if you purchase a product through our website and you are unhappy with it, we are happy to issue a refund.

Are these magic mushrooms?

We think so. They help your body do many things, but hallucinate is not one of them.

How many mushrooms can I take a day?

We recommend beginning with 1 packet per day of any of the products, so you can get a feel for how each mushroom affects your body.

Once you are comfortable with each mushroom, you can certainly increase your dosage to what works best for you. Mushrooms can definitely be combined!

Can I drive after taking these mushrooms?

We strongly advises its patients to refrain from using motor vehicles and to avoid operating any heavy machinery while under the influence of cannabis. Some reported effects of cannabis, such as sedative and psychoactive effects, may impair the user’s motor skills.

Are psychedelic mushrooms addictive?

Psychedelics or Psychedelic drugs, are substances whose essential activity is to adjust the cognizance and view of individuals who take them. As indicated by Princeton University, Hallucinogenics are a piece of a more extensive class of medications called stimulants, which likewise incorporates dissociates and defoliants. These medications influence the faculties and how individuals see the world.

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